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Melyssa Ford on Cover of New KING

Let me make a few positive comments. I like that KING has been loyal to Melyssa and vice versa. You see this type of loyalty between mainstream outlets like Esquire magazine and Jennifer Aniston all the time, where she will get repeated covers. It's nice to see it in the urban genre as well. Also, kudos to KING for putting out a high rez version of their covers. It preserves their branding. They know it's going to get scanned anyway, so they might as well have the best representation out their of it they can: theirs! Finally, whatever else I've said about Melyssa, I have never contended that she represented anything other than the game at its best, and right now we need leadership, damn it! Nice work KING. (See the rest of the pics on KING's website.)

(Melyssa is kind of giving off an Essence Atkins vibe in this photo, no?)



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