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The Career Path of an Indogurl: Carol Seleme Daniel

I met Otis College art student Carol Seleme Daniel in late January 2011. At the time, she had a pretty nice portfolio on Model Mayhem, but really hadn't received any major exposure. This was kind of surprising to me, because she seemed to be an accident waiting to happen (in a good way). So we set up a shoot in early February, and just as I expected, the moment her feature hit the blog it went viral and was picked up by several other popular urban blogs. As a result, I decided to submit the photos I had taken of her to the editor of Smooth magazine. Within 15 minutes of receiving the photos, the editor contacted me and said she wanted to do a major photo layout on Carol. That feature will debut in May, but a preview - the Rear View - was also dropped in the most recent issue of Smooth with Daphne Joy on the cover.

Of course, this wouldn't have happened if Carol hadn't been a great model who was willing to trust what I wanted to do with her. It's also a prime example of how the internet is a new and powerful channel for exposure for aspiring models.

Bonus shot... Credits - Model: Carol Seleme Daniel | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Joshjarie Nelson | Photography:

Bonus shot added 3/7:

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