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Has The Digital Era Diminished The Power of Booty?

Question Posed: Has the deluge of big butts coming our way via Model Mayhem, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. desensitized us to the women sporting them and lowered their desirability?

Short Answer
: (Emphatic) No!

Discussion: When I was coming up, there was no J Lo or Melyssa Ford or Smooth Magazine. The best we had was The Fly Girls on "In Living Color" and Wrex-n-Effect's "Rumpshaker." This doesn't mean women with phat backsides were any less popular back then than they are today, it's just that they were an undercover pleasure. There was no such thing as butt cleavage in low jeans. Because big booties were kind of black market through much of the 80s and 90s, you had to go through a lot to get one. Of course athletes and entertainers had VIP passes, just as they do today. But for your average guy, getting a girl with a pretty face and big butt was hella difficult.

Cut to present day. Everywhere you look there's a pretty woman with a big booty - magazines, the interweb, television, name it. But the question is, have all the derrières we've been bombarded with somehow lowered the value of this one-time rare and secret pleasure? In my personal experience, not one bit. Big booty hotties are just as difficult to snare today as they were 15 years ago. The only difference is that there's a lot more counterfeits out there than there once were. Hyrdrogel injections, butt pads, Photoshop - all created with the goal of exaggerating a woman's posterior. But the genuine articles still know who they are, and they're still ultra challenging to snag.

Interested to hear other's thoughts on this one.

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