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Laura Dore DVD - Yikes! Seriously, yikes.

Today I got a nice little promo package in the mail from Laura Dore as a thanks for covering her on the blog. The package was really impressive and included all of her SHOW issues, her calendar and most importantly, her DVD. (Note to aspiring vixens: this is how you promote!) With the state of affairs in urban modeling, it's hard to take anything at face value anymore and I wondered to what extent Laura's fantastic proportion were the real deal and to what degree Photoshop played a part. You can imagine my horror as I watched the DVD and realized that those insane proportions in the hip-to-waist region are completely real! Hence, yikes (twice) Laura also comes off very likable and down to earth. Her comments about her hair and what it takes to get it that way are hilarous.

This is great little DVD. Not too long and packed with great footage of Laura, who is extremely impressive.


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