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Bria Shoots Chamillionaire "Venom" CD Cover

This is what you call the best of the best jobs for a video vixen. Today, Bria Myles shot for the cover for Chamillionaire’s forthcoming release of “Venom,” the artist’s third studio album. The album is scheduled for release on December 3, 2009.

This job is great for several reasons. First, the shot will just feature Bria and the artist on the cover of the CD and promotional materials. That elevates Bria’s status and builds her exclusivity as a model. This is how Darlene Ortiz and Coco became famous. Second, the pay, which was quite good for five hours work. Lastly, this is the type of job the gives good after burn - it will be in stores and on iTunes forever.

This situation also illustrates why it’s important as a model to build good relationships on set on not alienate hair and make-up artists. This job came through the incredibly talented Tara Copeland, who has styled Bria’s hair in the past (see her website homepage photo). Bria and Tara have a good relationship and when photographer Jonathan Mannion needed suggestions for a model on this job, Tara recommended Bria.

Bria-Chamillionaire copy

Bria’s shoe selection for the shoot - models eat your heart out, lol...


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