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Laura Dore - Too Artsy or a Pleasant Divergence From The Usual Urban Dreck?

On the board where I found these images, there was a delightful little comment accompanying them:

One of my faves. BUT...She tries to be too artsy with that old school burlesque type shit...She needs to put her ass in a thong and bend over...that's all the "art" we need from her.

While I somewhat understand where the poster is coming from, I think there's enough of the bend-over-in-a-thong stuff out there that if one model comes along and tries to infuse the industry with a little creativity, that can't be a bad thing.

Anyway, these shots of Laura Dore really struck my fancy, so I'm passing them along. Those huge white chocolate thighs in the back of this motocar would have caused mayhem to ensue.

Elle 3Elle 2

Additional pic added thankts to the woman herself, Laura Doré, Or should I say Mistress Laura Winking

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