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Bria Myles - KING Relaunch

These pics of Bria Myles appear in the relaunch issue of KING.

While certainly not bad, based on the video I saw I thought these pics might be a little better. There is one pic that I just don't like that I didn't bother to scan and another of just Bria walking away that was published by Harris to promote this issue - no point scanning that.

This was a tough bunch of pics to scan and I look forward to seeing the maestro's version, BlackJackSkanz. If I'm up to it, tomorrow I post Briana Lloyd's pics from this issue. (Click to enlarge)

BriaD1-KING copy
BriaE1-KING copy
BriaC1-KING copyBriaF1 copyBria2a-KING copy

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