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Christiane K - Bond Girl in Training

The daughter of a foreign diplomat, Christiane K was born in Denmark, spent several years in Spain, and is fluent in three languages. She can also put a man down in 5 seconds flat with one of those iPhone cases.... Well, that's not really true. Happy Nonetheless, this international beauty will kick your butt if you try to relegate her to the position of arm candy. "The feminist in me has been surfacing a lot more since I moved to Los Angeles," says Christi. "It’s a shame that girls feel they have to flirt or act like groupies in order to get places and meet the right people...I had one guy invite me along for a night out with some people and he tried to tell me what to wear - to make sure it was sexy enough. I was offended."

This Danish beauty may have strong opinions, but she also has an open mind and is currently dating an African American man. Christiane is represented by the Alvarado Rey Agency and will be prominently featured in an upcoming Coca Cola campain, so look out for her. Also, stay tuned for more pics of her from my shoot in Venice. (Click first image below to see full sized version)

Credits - Model: Christiane K | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Joshjarie Nelson | Photography:
Bonus shot:

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