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Bria Myles Outtake

This photo is an outtake of a shoot I did with Bria Myles where we were copying an idea that Herb Ritts had done with Claudia Schiffer many years ago (see below). The idea is to have the sun shining through a diaphanous sheet with an attractive pattern and put the model in front of it. I was really tempted to use that gold reflector to bounce light onto Bria, but my assistant hates the gold reflector, so we went with white.

What we wound up with wasn’t really that close to the Schiffer photo after all - it kinda became its own concept (or at least that’s how it seems to me). You can see one of the fully edited images here. I actually think the outtake looks better than the final, lol. Also, notice how much retouching had to be done to fill in that fabric above Bria’s head and below her waist. Laugh

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Photo imitated (love this picture):

Schiffer 2

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