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Carol Seleme Daniel: Easter Eggs

Carol's first Easter Egg is up. I'll be adding others later tonight. The first one is a kind of peaceful, meditative montage of Carol painting. It's in pretty high resolution at 960 x 540. A hint is that it is hidden in an ad under a blog post that relates in some way to Carol's first and middle name. Not quite an anagram, but something relating to the specifics of her name: Carol Seleme Daniel. Click the image below for the introductory video, explaining the painting.

UPDATE: Easter Egg number two has been added. The hint is that it is in an ad related to a Bria Myles post - that's a big hint. But there's something tricky to this one. When you find it, you will have to use an image editing program (e.g., Apple's Preview, Photoshop, Elements, etc.) to extract the "keyword" from the ad image. The keyword will be the download link. It's a little too easy for y'all to just rip the site for the word "sendspace" or "megaupload," lol. As for the music in the clip, what can I say: I like soundtracks, and specifically Thomas Newton Howard. Happy This is a really good clip BTW.


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