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How To Get Into Music Videos

One of the best ways to get on the map as a model is to be featured in a music video, and the bigger the artist the better. However, any music video that gets airplay on BET or MTV can jump start a model's career. In this article, I'm going to give you some basic starting points on how to get into a music video.


I get questions all the time from women in the Midwest asking about how to get into music videos. The harsh reality is that if you are not in Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, or New York it will be very difficult to get cast in a US-based music video because most of them are filmed in those cities, and especially Los Angeles. So if you are serious about being a video vixen and you don't live in one of those areas, a change in location may be in order.

Submit to Castings

Almost every major music video is sent out through the various casting services such as LA Casting (Talent Signup), Breakdowns Services (Actors Access), Back Stage East & West, Craig's List, etc. If you have an agent, they will submit you for castings and you don't have to worry about this, but presumably if you're reading this, you don't have an agent yet. Of course, there is always some other way to find out about a casting, ie., through the music video director, someone in the artist's entourage, or through a casting director that sees you somewhere. But all of those methods are unlikely. Of the casting sources mentioned above, the one I'd most highly recommend is LA Casting Network. There is a fee - $14.95 a month - but all of the major music videos, and other good jobs, go out over LA Castings. Once you sign up you will have to create a profile and submit a picture. Do not rush through the profile creation. The more accurate it is, the more information casting directors will have about you. Also, make sure your pictures are high quality and showcase your body nicely. That is very important for music video castings.

The Audition

You will have to audition to be in a music video. This will entail showing up at the casting, signing in, and waiting to be called in by the casting director. Be on time for your casting appointment! You are being judged every step of the way. In the audition you may be asked to read lines or dance seductively for the camera. Your competition will be at the casting, so be prepared to see other pretty faces. You should come to the casting dressed in something that showcases your body (in a tasteful way) and that you can move around in without embarrassing yourself. You also need to bring a high quality photo of yourself with your height, measurements and resume stapled to it. You should wear natural, light make up and look "fresh faced." Be prepared to wait some. Click the video clip to the left to view a brief segment from a VH1 documentary concerning video vixens and the casting process (it takes a few minutes to load).

Getting The Role

If you have "the look" you will eventually get cast in a music video. When I first met Bria, she had gone to a casting for a 50 Cent video, but she didn't get the part. Determined, she crashed the video with some friends who knew where it was. The moment 50 saw her, he told the director he wanted her in the video. Music video directors are always looking for super hot models, and especially new ones. So if you've got the "It Factor," and go to enough castings, you will soon be on your way

The Players

In Los Angeles, some of the key music video casting directors are Fred Johnson, Pablo Cornejo, David Kang, and Anissa Williams. Fred and Pablo have cast some of the hottest music videos by the biggest players. If you think you've got what it takes, it may be worth it to submit a headshot and resume to one of these casting directors, but don't be surprised if you don't hear anything. These guys have seen the most beautiful women in LA and their inboxes are flooded with submissions.

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