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Smooth Girl Top 100 - The Entire List

I admire Smooth Magazine for its staying power. It’s one of the last vestiges of urban modeling, in any official sense at least (along with SHOW and KING magazines). Making a top 10 list in today’s unorganized, crippled market is no easy task, let alone a top 100 list. But unfortunately I cannot recommend this one. While it got a number things right (Yoncee and Maliah are at the top of the game), it got a lot more wrong. As just a few examples:

Vida Guerra at #18 - No one is checking for Vida anymore in urban modeling (bodybuilding maybe)
Nikki B at # 8 - Someone was just asking the other day what ever happened to her. Googling her name revealed that she has all but disappeared
Lola Monroe aka Angle # 27 - After a failed rap career, this girl has vanished from the urban modeling landscape

I could go on and on. The problem is that there aren’t enough people doing anything to speak of in this industry to even create a top 100 list! Also, Smooth only lists models who have worked with their magazine - that means people like Khrysti Hill (still generates lot of buzz on the net) get left out completely.

Anyway, here it is. Anyone who really knows this industry will see the problems with it immediately. Some of these models haven’t published anything new in years.

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