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Jesiklah Maximus - SSX #87

Jesikah Maximus is an interesting case study. I've seen her in motion in videos and she holds up to scrutiny. She appears to be as attractive -- if not more -- as Vida Guerra, minus the over-the-top boob job. Also, unlike a lot of girls these days, Jesikah has no prominent tattoos that need airbrushing. Don't get me wrong, Vida is an original, but I can't help but ask - "What if Jesikah had appeared first all those years back?" Who knows. But the market has sure changed a lot since then. There's a lot more competition and a lot more Photoshopping going on.

Vida was embraced by all the urban magazines, plus the traditional lad magazines like Maxim and FHM. Jesikah, by comparison, has never even been in Smooth Magazine to my knowledge. Vida had a major web presence with a huge Yahoo Group and high ranking website even from the start of her career. Jesikah, on the other hand, has no Yahoo Group and a website that's said "Coming Soon" for a long, long time.

Who can say what the reason for these disparities is. Maybe Vida just had her act more together. At any rate, I'm a fan of Jesikah's and I look forward to seeing more of her. Get that website up girl!


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