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Bria Myles - KING Magazine Winter 2011

Two words: "surprisingly good." That's how I would describe this most recent pictorial of Bria Myles in KING Magazine. These images reminded me of urban modeling circa 2005, when things were still on the upswing in the business. I predict these photos will become quite popular, floating around the net for some time to come and popping up on party fliers and the like. As final note, it's important to remember, as RG observed, that Bria has appeared on the cover of KING twice now. The first time was in early 2007 when we first started working together. I'm glad I got a chance to work with one of the best who ever did it... (All of these images are on the server in larger format @ www.indosplace/assets/... (name of file but add "lg" instead of "sm" to the very end))

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