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Daphne Joy - Urban Modeling Is Not The Issue

There is a persistent idea that being associated with urban modeling will somehow derail an aspiring model or actresses from any legitimate opportunities. In rebuttal to that position I present to you case study number 58: Daphne Joy. Daphne has been on the cover of SHOW, Smooth, and BlackMen magazines. In short, she is an experienced urban model with plenty of sexy, yet tasteful shots (including back shots). This month, Daphne will make her debut in Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides. And she doesn't have some minor part: she plays one of the mermaids, who are critical to the story (see poster below). I'm sure there are thousands of "serious" actors out there who would've loved to have this part, but Daphne got it. Winking Congrats to her.

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