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Howard Huang's "Urban Girls"

Tonight I picked up Taschen Book's "Urban Girls," which is a hard bound "art book" collection of the photography of Howard Huang. Huang specializes in urban model photography for magazines like BlackMen. I'll just say this right off the top: I like Huang's work. I like his use of color and his lighting. While there is much about Huang's photography that, on the surface, looks like SHOW magazine's stuff, it's more intricate and better thought out in my opinion.

Bria Myles is on the cover of this book, which is also sold in stores like Barnes & Noble. The paper stock is quite heavy and the printing is top notch. It really is a beautiful tome which is as pleasing to the touch as the eyes. You'll also find high quality reproductions and outtakes from shoots with some of your favorite models, like the ones featured below of Maliah and Jessikah. Overall, I'd give this book a high recommend. It's a good look for urban modeling. (Click photos to enlarge)


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